Tom Tom Club on Creole Bred

Tina and I were so pleased to be a part of this great record. Though the album came out some time ago, I just discovered this video of the making of Creole Bred. The producer Ann Savoy asked us to do a song for this album and we recorded our track, “Only The Strong Survive” at our own studio in Connecticut. All the cuts on the album are great. You can find it on or on iTunes.


RVSB – She Always Dance (Featuring Tina Weymouth)

This is a collaboration we did with RVSB that was just released on Nacional Records.
The lyrics and vocals are by Tina Weymouth. Music is by Dj Raff and Dj Bitman from Chile.
We are very happy to expand our musical horizons with Bitman and Raff. Bitman has done some really cool remixes for Tom Tom Club, too. We have other new collaborations in the pipeline. Soon come. Check it out.